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Taxi Trade ShowTrade Show Marketing

The costs of running your stand at a trade show can run into the thousands. With that sort of expense you will want to make sure you get your message out to as many people as possible.

This is where the BlueVibe hotspot comes in. Place it discreetly underneath a table, either networked or standalone, and let the hotspot deliver your message to nearby mobile devices.

Why not create a campaign that sends out a business card - this way your company contact details will be added directly to their phone book. What's more, the BlueVibe Manager has it's own business card creation software built in, making the creation of your business card easier than ever.

How about sending out some promotional messages to entice visitors back to your store. Offering a special offer for Bluetooth only messages allows you the ability to track your campaign success rates, as well as getting the customers into your store.

Not only can you send out your contact details, but a calendar and promotional material too. Make your stand stand out at the trade show, and make it one people will have difficulty forgetting.