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The Bluevibe Hotspot broadcasts your marketing messages to your customers onsite as well as offering them internet connectivity, games, news and information as rewards. 

Real time Direct Engagement Marketing Tool

Once installed the device can immediately start adding value to your marketing initiatives.  Initiating, running and monitoring campaigns can be done instantly from anywhere with an internet connection allowing you to have a direct line of contact with customers while they are on your premises.  


Applications for retail and business space marketing include:

Rewarding visiting customers with special offers

Supplying convenient internet connectivity to all your customers

Embedding marketing messages in quality content such as free news, games and sports updates

Loyalty rewards by directly rewarding customers on a premises

Instigate viral mobile phone campaigns

Measurement and statistics available in real time

Directly engage your target audience in real time



For Events

Sending event information to event delegates and attendees

Broadcasting information updates

Sending contact information to stall viewers



About the Blue Vibe Hotspot

Networked or Stand-alone

The BlueVibe hotspot can be set-up in two useful configurations.  When networked the device can be connected to the internet to allow for remote configuring and monitoring of campaigns.  This will allow If a network connection is not available the device can be set up to function on its own giving you utmost flexibility in placing a campaign.


Easy to Place and Install 

The device is compact, similar in size to a box file, so it can be tidily installed in your retail or event space.  Installation is as quick as positioning the device in a safe location and plugging it into a router.


Your hotspot is ready to work straight out of the box  Simply plug it in then run and monitor your campaign.


Fast and Far Reaching 

The BlueVibe hotspot can connect to your customers over an 80 metre radius.  Up to 21 (upgradeable to 42) users can receive messages simultaneously from one box.  BlueVibe hotspot boxes can also be set-up to work in concert so you can reach your customers no matter how big or small the space you wish to cover is.


Remote Configuration and Monitoring 

If you give the hotspot internet access them your hotspot and campaigns can be remotely configured and monitored.   

When in use you can view highly detailed statistics of message uptake in real time.  You can also instantly upload materials for new campaigns and information announcements. 


We offer two years access to this service free with every BlueVibe hotspot sold.