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What is BlueZone OnBoard?

BlueZone OnBoard is a new product we have just launched that allows ALL PASSENGERS on buses to enjoy broadband internet access via bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi services on laptops, IPhones and Wi-Fi enabled phones. That's all passengers, not just those with Wi-Fi laptops and IPhones. Utilsing the BlueVibe platform we can provide you with a solution that will allow all passengers internet access, not just those with laptops.

What's wrong with using Wi-Fi?

Absolutely nothing! But not everyone has a laptop with them when travelling on long journeys. BlueZone OnBoard simply bridges the gap between the minority who have laptops and can use the onboard Wi-Fi and the majority that don't have a laptop but are carrying a mobile phone!

Is it really broadband?

Yes it really is! We select the best operator coverage for optimum performance on the vehicle's journey. With a maximum connection speed of 7.6Mb this is more than enough speed for viewing mobile websites on mobile phones.

How can I make money from BlueZone OnBoard?

There are a number of ways you can make revenue through your BlueZone OnBoard system.

1. Implementation of a ticketing system whereby passengers purchase an access code from the driver prior to departure. Access code can be valid for 1 hour, one day or more.

2. As a tour operator you can arrange with the local attractions to provide your customers with a special offer, perhaps 10% off purchase of a meal, item of clothing or souvenirs.

3. Join our Bluetooth Advertisers Network and we will place relevant, targetted ads onto your system

What is Bluetooth marketing?

Bluetooth marketing is a relatively new concept of marketing in that it uses modern technology to reach customers. Those with Bluetooth enabled on their phones are in a position to receive proximity based messages.

What range can the equipment reach?

Typically the equipment can vary in range depending on obstructions, but approximately 80m is standard.

Is this SPAM?

Absolutely not. The user opts in to receive the content sent from a BlueZone hotspot. Choosing whether to receive it or not allows the customer full control over whether they want to revive the messages.

What type of messages can be sent?

Gifs, jpegs, MP3, AVI are the typical file standards that can be sent to Bluetooth enabled phones. You can also send out business cards and calendar reminders too.

To see some examples check out out our Bluetooth Advertising graphics

What types of places can you install this in?

We have equipment installed in busy city centre night clubs in Dublin and Cork. Hotels use the equipment to welcome their guests in and to also remind them of Christmas party promotions. Sandwich shops use this in order to aid up-selling of products by incorporating a "Show this message when ordering" style system so as they can monitor where else sales are coming from.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, and to organise a live demonstration at your premises, contact us today.