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Long arduous journeys are now a thing of the past thanks to our new, WORLD FIRST service, BlueZone OnBoard. As well as BlueZone Media providing Wi-Fi as standard, we have introduced BlueZone OnBoard: for Bluetooth internet.

For the first time ever Irish passengers can now avail of FREE broadband internet to their Bluetooth equipped mobile phones allowing access to great mobile websites such as Facebook Mobile, Wikipedia Mobile, Flickr and lots more!

Wi-Fi only passenger vehicles meant having a laptop or a Wi-Fi enabled phone could you utilise the free internet access. Now ALL 53 passengers can enjoy broadband internet access on their mobile phones.

Once onboard the bus the BlueZone OnBoard systems will scan for any and all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones within the bus and will prompt the passengers on their phones to download the special Bluetooth internet browser.

The passengers download the special (totally customisable) Bluetooth browser to their phone within two seconds and install the browser one time only.

The application will start and will make a Bluetooth connection to the BlueZone OnBoard systems. Predefined websites allows total control over where you want your visitors to go, eliminating the worry of visiting troublesome websites.

Why Bluetooth Internet on buses?

The simple and most effective answer is to understand what you can do with Wi-Fi on buses. On any typical bus journey the number of people that may have a laptop with them to use will be quite small. The number who have a Wi-Fi enabled phone will also be low. The chance of somebody having a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone on them is extremely high. In fact 98% of phones on the market today come with Bluetooth installed as standard in phones.

So, as you can see, while a small minority of your passengers can avail of free internet access, the majority of your customers won't be able to enjoy ANY of the benefits. Incorporating a BlueZone OnBoard system means you can entertain ALL your passengers!

What Happens if My Passengers Don't have Bluetooth turned on?

With every BlueZone OnBoard system comes 12 headrest covers which prompt passengers that they are in a BlueZone and to switch on their Bluetooth to enjoy FREE internet access. Headrests can be customised to suit bus branding. BlueZone OnBoard logos displayed on the bus windows will also provide passengers of BlueZone awareness.


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Passengers are immersed in a total BlueZone area where they can jump onto Bluetooth internet via their mobile phones from any seat.

Enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends using Facebook, or view and add details to your Flickr account.

You could also enjoy an instant messenger session with an online buddy.

Catch the latest news, chat with friends on popular forums, stay in touch.



BlueZone OnBoard Features

As well as being a fully fledged mobile internet solution, the BlueZone OnBoard service also doubles up as an advertising medium. Utilising promotional messages down the Bluetooth network allows operators the functionality of increased revenue through targetted advertising along certain routes.

Girl using mobile phone on busNO GPRS data charges

Using the BlueZone OnBoard network on your phone means your passengers will not incur ANY data charges as they make a Bluetooth connection to the BlueZone OnBoard system. They can browse as little or as much as they want, all in the knowledge that it won't cost them a cent.

Bluetooth Advertisers Network

Why not avail of your BlueZone OnBoard's advertising system and help generate some revenue by offering your passengers relevant advertisements through the Bluetooth Advertisers Network?




Want to know more about the BlueZone Onboard system and how it can help increase your passengers enjoyment? Contact us today to arrange a demonstration