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Browsing the internet has become an expected event in everyday life. Whether before work, during work and at home the internet plays a major role in our everyday lives.

That's why we've launched "BlueZone Inside", a revolutionary new way to browse the internet.

Imagine the scenario:

You manage a busy city centre café. Each day new customers arrive into your café for a special dining experience. Perhaps your enticing offers on display in the window brought them in, but what will get them back?

That's where BlueZone Inside comes in.

Offering FREE bluetooth internet access to your customers is a sure fire way of getting them to choose your café over the many others that are in close proximity.

Imagine what's going on inside your customers head come lunch time:

"Where will I go for lunch today? Will I go to abc café for my coffee and sandwich, or will I go back to XYZ café where I had a tasty lunch and I could use the internet on my mobile phone for free?"

Give your customers the edge and offer them something unique, fun and most importantly FREE for them to use.


Girls on phoneImagine having regular, loyal customers coming back to your café day after day. Offering them excellent food choices coupled with free bluetooth internet usage on their mobile phones is something 99% of your competitors are not doing.

 Whenever the majority of us are eating alone we all tend to take out our mobile phones and make calls, send and receive messages etc and (at a cost) use the internet on our phones.

Implementing BlueZone Inside into your café means your customers won't incur data costs as it's totally free. BlueZone Inside simply plugs into your already existing broadband connection with minimal installation needed.

Contact us today to organise a demonstration onsite, and to implement your week's trial.