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Have a Bluetooth Surprise At your Reception

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days you will ever have. It will be a time when family and friends will reunite or indeed meet for the first time and all for one sole reason - to enjoy your special day with you.

Of course there will be the photographers there maybe a videographer too, all aiming to capture your truly magical moments as they happen on the day. But why not add something truly unique to your wedding day too - a Bluetooth Message delivered to your guests as they arrive at the reception?

Send your wedding party a message like:

Bluetooth wedding example

Of course your message can be anything you wish it to be. You could send a picture of you and your partner on a night out when you first met. Perhaps you are having a themed wedding and the bride loves horses. Then send these pictures to your guests as they enjoy the reception!

So how does the service work?

Once we have received your booking deposit (€50) we will liaise with your venue or wedding coordinator to organise installation in the wedding reception area on the day of the wedding. Your guests will be notified to switch on their Bluetooth on their mobile phones from the tastefully decorated stand we will located in the wedding reception area - reminding people they are in a BlueZone area and that the bride and groom wish to send them a message.

Having switched on their Bluetooth the system will detect their phone and send a message like: "Do you wish to receive a message from Joy & David?" On accepting, the wedding guests will download and can view your special message. A member of our team will be on hand to ensure your guests are able to receive the messages correctly. We will be onsite with the equipment until the end of the reception and you make your way in for your main meal.


How Do I book your service and how much does it cost?

To make a booking and to check our equipment availability please Contact Us. Due to the number of enquiries we are receiving and the location of our business, we currently can only offer our Bluetooth Wedding service (BlueZone Weddings) in the Meath, Laois, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford areas. For other areas please contact us.

The cost for the service for the duration of your reception is €299 inc. VAT and includes all your graphic design work and equipment hire and onsite staff member. A €50 booking deposit is required one month before your wedding date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What other things can I send my guests? A) Of course you can send pictures of the Bride And Groom, but also of the parents, grand parents, friends, anything! You can send a seating plan for the day if you like, the choice is yours.

Q) How far will the range go to broadcast my message? A) Typically our equipment will cover most indoor floor spaces with no loss of signal strength. As long as people are within 30 metres of the reception area they will receive the message.

Q) What if some people don't bring their phones with them? A) No problem! The transmission of these messages is via Bluetooth which costs you nothing to send OR receive. As a result those that didn't bring their phones can still receive the messages from someone else who has - they just need to send the message by Bluetooth from their phone. Simple.