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In today's current economic downturn retailers are finding themselves needing to get their messages across to potential customers using more unique marketing techniques. This is where Bluetooth Marketing can help.

Incorporating this unique marketing strategy, retailers around the country are able to send out special offers to passers by via Bluetooth. The advertising message is free to send and receive thus no costs associated in running the campaign.


Having multiple sites around the country you can network your hotspots to send the same message out in the same campaign.

networked hotspots


If you owned several vending machines inside one shopping centre you can install a BlueVibe hotspot into each machine. When a passer by receives the first message from vending machine 1, they won't receive the same message again if they pass by vending machine 2, if the Bluetooth hotspots are on the same campaign.

Location based advertising, or more commonly called Bluetooth Advertising, and is taking the retail sector by storm. More and more shop owners are using Bluetooth marketing to help get their special offers noticed.